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Post  Admin on Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:12 pm

Are you a Xbox 360 gamer? If you are, most likely you would want a way free xbox live or free Microsoft points. The Tropicana method to get free two day trials used to work great, until Microsoft shut them down and sued them :/. But I've found a new way to get Free Xbox Live and Free Microsoft Points, and no personal information or account information is used. I thought it was a scam at first too, but after I tried it, I got the code in my email pretty quickly.

This method is a short method to getting your free Microsoft points. It requires pretty little work too. You just do a couple of surveys (which you can fake the information when doing) and when you get enough points, you'll be able to get the free Microsoft points or even free Xbox Live Gold Membership. This is completely free.

A guide on how to do this is below.

New Table of Contents

* Guide to getting the Free Microsoft Points
* Offers you can do

Guide to getting the Free Microsoft Points
Alright, if you're a bit lost and you want a guide, here's a little guide I made for you guys. It's pretty simple and it can be summed up in these couple of steps.

Step 1: Make an account, by Registering Here OR HERE. I suggest you make a new Gmail account and register with it.

Step 2: Go to "Offers" and then click "Free Offers" and do a couple of offers (If you want a list of easy offers, look down). Offers are free surveys, and you get points for every survey you do.

Step 3: If you want a Free One Month Xbox Live code, get 8 points. If you want Free 1600 Microsoft Points get 20 points. The One Month of Xbox Live is easier, if you want to get it, since it requires less points.

Step 4: When you have the right amount of points, go to "REWARDS" at the top. Then click the "360" category. Go to the 5th page and click "Request" to the right of the "Xbox 360 Live 1 Month Gold Card" . The code will be sent to your email, and you can redeem it there. Or if you have enough points, you can request the 1600 microsoft points.

Easy Offers you can do
Here are some easy offers I recommend doing
Click "Offers" then click "Free Offers". You'll see a list of offers you can do. Here are some easy or quick ones to do, to get you started off.

On the first page:

* IOG: Smartphone
* Betty Crocker
* Hunt For the Money Million Cash
* Insight Express

Those are some quick surveys to do.

This method is more reliable in getting points due to the fact that some sites require you to let each page load completely. Most of the 1.5 offers will work with the Fast and Easy method, but for the offers that don't, use this method.

First, lets start by making sure you have all the Programs/utilities required.

-Go on first and download a free FireFox browser if you don't already have it. The reason you need Firefox is because its easier to clear your cookies than Internet Explorer.

-After you have FireFox Downloaded, go To RoboForm.Com and download the free Roboform Form Filler. This will allow you to quickly do offers without having to fill in you Name, address, ect. every time you do a new one. This will save you a LOT OF TIME. You can also get Fireform, but roboform does a faster and better job

Now, since you have these things needed, I will tell you how to complete the 1.5 credit offers in about 3-6 minutes per offer depending on how fast you are.

First You have to configure your FireFox Browser to be able to correctly do offers. Just follow the steps below

1. Click on Tools>Options>Privacy Tab>Settings.
2. From here make sure the cookies box is checked.
3. Press Ok.
4.Go the the Content Tab now and Un-check the "block pop-up windows" option.
5. Now press ok

Ok you are now ready to do offers!!!

Sign-up to Rewards1 with this link:

When you sign-up, you have to use your real email address because you will need to confirm your account. You should create a spare email address through Yahoo or Gmail as you will receive spam.

-To do this, Just go to Tools>Clear Private Data or press Ctrl+Shift+Delete

-When you clear your cookies before an offer, you have to log in again because after you clear your cookies, you will be logged out.

The reason you need to clear your cookies is because many (if not most) of the 1.5 offers run using the same cache server. If you don't clear your cookies, you won't get your credits because the server will think you already did the offer.

The steps below will explain step by step on how to complete a 1.5 offer.

1.Go to
2.Clear your cookies
3. Now go log in

-Anyway, Now go and click on View Available Offers which is on the left side of the page.
-You are now on the offers page. From here it is best if you sort the offers by Points: Greatest to Least
-You will now be able to see all the 1.5 offers on the first few pages.

-Pick a 1.5 offer
-Click on it
-You are now on a page that asks for your email
-Write in your new spam email address you signed up with or any real email address and press submit (roboform and autofill it for you)

When you are doing these 1.5 offers, if you always submit the same email and personal info, you will stop getting points. This has to do with the same concept as the cookies.

To get around this, type in the same email every time BUT add a dot (.) anywhere before the @ in the email. You can add as many dots as you want as well. This way you will still get the points and the email will still be counted as the same one, but it will not stop you from getting points.

Try to add dots to different places each time you do an offer. Remember, you can put more than one dot at a time if you want.

After this, press submit and you will be taken to a page that will ask you for your personal info.

Have Roboform Autofill it for you. Make sure that you don't use the same info over and over. Alter the info in some way. An example would be if your name is Dan, try Danny, Dany, Daniel, etc. If you run out of ideas, try altering the address.

Once the form is filled out press submit and continue to the next page.

Hold down the CTRL key and scroll the mouse wheel down. This will cause the screen to shrink. Shrink the page down as much as can, so you can see the "Submit" and "Skip" buttons at the bottom of the page without having to scroll down the screen. This step is optional, but it speeds up the process of having to scroll down on every page.

Next, click the skip button on each screen until you come to the screen that has the Yes and No bubbles. Click the left "Alt" key the "+" key and the "=" key at the same time. This will fill in all the "No" bubbles. (This only works in Firefox, so make sure you are using it.)

After all the No's are filled in, you must click Yes on one or more of the offers. In order to better your chances of getting points, it's good to choose an offer that you can complete without having to fill anything in. Here are some offers to choose as they are only search engine links and having nothing to fill out, so you can hit the Submit button which is necessary with some offers in order to get points:

FREE COUPONS for shopping & more - FREE Coupons! Save on groceries, shopping and more.
Free Baby SAMPLES - New parents, don’t miss out on this. those are excelent as they dont make you fill in anything

Click Yes on one of these offers and click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. Click on one of the links on the next page (it will open in a new tab). Then go back to the offer tab and click Submit.

You will get several more Yes/No bubble screens. Just use the "Alt+=" method to quickly fill the No bubbles and remember to click Yes to at least one or more of the offers before clicking submit. You do not have to do any more offers after the first page, so when you get to the offer screen, just click "No" and then submit.

When you come "Online Survey: Tell us what you think!" page, to the Tab method to fill in each No bubble then click Submit.

Keep going through each page of the survey. When you get to the pages with just one Yes/No offer that does not have a Submit button, just click the No bubble on each screen.

The final steps of the Survey are what really give you your points. The final page usually says Final Steps or something like that and tells you to start by completing 1 silver offer.

This is why people think these offers are hard.... but they're not.

All you have to do is click on any one of the offers in the list. It will open in another tab and a little box will popup in the upper left hand corner. Close that little box and go back to the page with offers. LEAVE THAT TAB YOU MADE OPEN.

Now scroll all the way down and you will see a link that says
After You've Completed 1 Offer(s) above, Go To Next Page.
-Click it.
-Now it will ask you to complete two more gold offers. Do the same process you did with the first offer and click only two more.
-After this you should have 4-5 tabs open.
The tab with all the offers
The tabs of the three offers you've clicked in total.

After you do all this, go to the tab with all the offers. (the tab where you had to click the silver/gold offers)
-here all you have to do now is refresh the page.
-A popup almost half the size of the screen will show up.


Do not exit any of the tabs or the popup for the offer. Instead wait about 10-20 seconds and go on the rewards1 tab and refresh it to see if you have the points (usually you get the points within a few 5-20 seconds). Some will take longer for the points to add on, but you don't have to leave the tabs open after the 20 seconds. If for some reason you did not get the points, just try another offer. The offer you just did might have become broken.

And the concludes this how to, so Go start earning those points and getting free stuff!!!

I know some of you have heard of this and think its bs, but just try it and stay devoted to it. Im on my 3rd month of free xbox live right now and its going great!

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Post  iApollo on Mon Jun 14, 2010 6:33 pm

well i've known about this but i don't like to put my address or anything like that Razz

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Post  Deloya on Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:12 pm

iApollo wrote:well i've known about this but i don't like to put my address or anything like that Razz

Duuhh... just make a new mail : ) and start doing the surveys with it! like a spam mail


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Post  Token Runz CoD on Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:22 pm

How long did it take u to get enough points to get msp?

Token Runz CoD

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